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Artist Painting a Mural

Anna Mrzyglod - Anima Mundi - Venice

April 12 – 26, 2024
Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello, Venice

Vita: Willkommen


Anna Mrzyglod

Artist Statement




Polish born sculptress Anna Mrzyglod studied at the well known A. Kenar art lyceum followed by her master studies in fine art at the Silesian University in Kattowice. 

Anna has been living and creating her works in Düsseldorf since 2018. Her large-format wooden sculptures are created from the full trunk. Earlier work cycles questioned the predefined gender roles "Coincidentia Oppositorium", other works posed socio-critical questions about the exclusion of minorities and dissidents. Anna's works are not always self-explanatory at first glance and leave the interested viewer the mental space for their own associations.Thus, the cycle "My private little playground" shows sculptures, some of which have literally run out of air. At first glance, the viewer perceives inflatable figures from the world of comics and toys. Behind them are their own or observed, sometimes dark and traumatic childhood memories. It is precisely this dichotomy between the provocative flirtation with Pop Art aesthetics and the bitter reality that gives these sculptures their meaning.

Anna regularly takes part in large-scale illusion painting projects, such as the design of the Seidenweberhaus in Krefeld (2021), the large cat painting for the television station Servus TV in Vienna in 2018, the Udo Jürgens portrait on Lake Wörthersee in 2018 or the Chalk Festival 2019 in Venice, Florida, USA.

Anna graduated from the renowned A. Kenar Art Lyceum in Zakopane (2000) and graduated in Fine Arts with a focus on wood sculpture from the Silesian University in Katowice (2005). This was followed by solo and group exhibitions in Europe and a presence in a Venlo gallery for several years. Anna was nominated for the NRW State Prize Manufaktum 2021 and most recently exhibited her sound sculpture "TheBear" at the Museum Kunstpalast Düsseldorf for the exhibition 'Die Grosse 2022’ and with the ArtZuid Biennale 2022 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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