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Coincidentia Oppositorium

Tryptych on the turmoil of a soul

2015-2016, Linden

Coincidentia Oppositorium: Portfolio
doppelte Anna_edited.jpg

The Big One

2015, Linden, 140x60

In the thematic treatise, these creatures revolve around the predefined gender role and it`s fulfillment.


The Reclyning One

2015, Linden, 120x60

In addition to the typical carving of the wood, I change the appearance by subsequently burn some parts of the wood, which allows me to position the suffering of these poor souls more clearly.

fot. Kamil K_edited.jpg

The Standing One (Female)

2016, Linden, 90x50

Beauty in the imperfect, grace despite pain were the central tasks in my processings.

Coincidentia oppositorium


Coincidentia Oppositorium: Galerie
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