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Tree Stumps



For about the last several years there has been a climate crisis in our part of Europe, which is also due to excessive droughts and storms. This is related to the appearing bark beetle, which selected our already weakend spruce trees for its preferred source of food and which it will kill now one by one. Around 30.7 million cubic meters of spruce wood have been destroyed since 2018 and the number is growing steadily.
Spruce is not a good material to carve, it is brittle and hard and a long and narrow stem imposes its shape on me. But I like the spruce! I try to give some of the affected trees a second life. Sometimes even a carving stays longer than the tree itself because it blends in with the environment and can become part of it. In this sad story of passing and change we can enjoy our trees and spruce forests for a while with such a natural sculpture gallery.


Art and Nature

We usually combine art with a visit to a museum or gallery. I would like to open the door outside of this frame and give a smile to the strollers who happen to pass by.



Actually, I always find these stumps between my other projects and they seem to serve to clear my head and provide for a "quick" sculpture.

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