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cherry wood, 2020, 90x40

The air that escapes from the inflatable mouse is an association with todays life, an appearance of well-being and undemanding contentment. Who is the mouse if not a symbol of childhood dreams, a one-way street to endless fun and joy. There's no problem with age or death here, it doesn't seem to exist ... The carousel spins to the beat of TikTok, all for the show and for a while. Where is she taking us? But the air is still escaping, there must be a hole somewhere!

I am so drawn to woodworking that carving becomes an illusion of a colorful thing that we know well. What we recognize and understand attracts our attention because we feel comfortable and undemanding. However, the distorted perception in the sacred symbol of entertainment starts to itch.

When creating a sculpture, I am amazed by the beauty of the wood, but in the end I want to dominate the material.

Actually I am amongst the nominees for the Staatspreis NRW-Manufactum 2021. Wish me luck...



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